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Ceredigion War Memorials

Welcome to the Ceredigion Section of the Website


The aim of this section is to remember the men of the County of Ceredigion, in West Wales, who gave their lives during both World War 1 and World War 2.


Estimated Casualty Figures For The County


Over 1,100 men from the old County of Cardiganshire fell during the Great War of 1914-1918, and over 500 more fell during World War Two. These men are commemorated on War Memorials which are scattered all over the county, ranging from names on parents graves, single plaques in Chapels and Churches to Cenotaphs, such as the ones at Cardigan, Lampeter and Aberystwyth. Research is currently on-going to build this website, and so any additional information is most welcome.


Information And Photographs


Although the bulk of my collection of photographs of the men and their war graves and memorials are not presently on the website, I have amassed a massive amount of material over the last ten years, with the assistance of many interested parties. Photographs are the main method of remembering the fallen, and any additional material is always being sought. When the text of all three of the old websites has finally been transferred over to this one, then it is intended that the photos will be available through a gallery, searchable by name. This is a long way from fruition though, as the main aim is to get the data transferred from the three old sites onto this one, so any enquiries for photographs, or offers of donations of photographs, should be made by contacting me  via the Contact Us page.


If you wish to donate toward the costs of running and maintaining the website, please feel free to do so by using the Paypal link, or by contacting me at the above e-mail address. This will help cover the costs involved in paying for the web hosting, and obtaining photographs of the war graves and memorials of the fallen, both by myself and via third party sources such as Bob Pike, who has provided a sizeable proportion of the war grave photographs. If you require photographs of War Graves or Memorials in Belgium, France, Salonika or Gallipoli, then Bob's e-mail address can be found in the Links Section.


Copyright © Notice


During a recent spate of copying material from this website to use in publications and on Ancestry, readers are reminded that most of the material used in this website has been compiled from various sources by the Author, except where otherwise noted. Due to the immense amount of hard work, time and money that has gone into creating the website, if any material is copied for anything other than personal research, permission should be sought from the author by using one of the contact links below, and that acknowledgement is given to this website. Acknowledgement has so far never been refused!


Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy the website, and please feel free to comment, criticise (in a friendly manner please!) or to send in information- it all helps to build the site!



None of this work would be possible without a lot of very valuable help, and my gratitude is given to those who have, and still are, helping with this project.


Thanks must go to a number of people who have supported the Ceredigion part of the website, in particular Gil Jones, of Aberystwyth, whose photographs of the War Memorials of Aberystwyth and the northern part of the County have been invaluable. To Mike Berrell, an unpaid field worker for the National Inventory of War Memorials, who has kindly sent in dozens, if not hundreds, of photographs of War Memorials in both Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire. To Michael Freeman, former Curator of Ceredigion Museum; Auronwy and Evan James of Dyfed Family History Society and to Helen Palmer, County Archivist. The archives of the National Library of Wales and the local newspapers of the time, the Welshman, The Cambrian News and The Welsh Gazette, continue to be invaluable research sources.


The Commonwealth War Graves Commission provides a valuable service to the casualties of both world wars, and to their families, by providing a very high quality service with regards to the maintenance and upkeep of the thousands of war graves and cemeteries scattered throughout the world, and by providing information and help to researchers.


Chris Baker's excellent website, 'The Long, Long Trail' is invaluable for research tips, and for biographical information on the various Army units, and along with the associated 'Great War Forum', is an excellent tool for someone wishing to trace their military ancestors. The link to this site is on the Links page.


Due to the maritime traditions of the county, a large proportion of local men died at sea, either serving with the Royal Navy or the Merchant Navy. As well as using information from the CWGC, special thanks go to the work of Dr. Reg Davies, whose website Morwyr Cymru holds so much information on Welsh mariners, and also to the website wrecksite.eu, which contains much valuable information about the sunken merchant ships.


The greatest thanks go to the relatives of the fallen who regularly submit photographs and information to build all of the websites, and such information is always welcome. There are too many people to thank individually, but you know who you are, and thanks!

News Items

9 April 2014. After having been forgotten for 97 years, Llanelli man, Ernest William Sherwood, has just been accepted for commemoration by the CWGC. Please see the Uncommemorated Men page of the website for further details.


5 April 2014. After two years and three months of being sat on a desk in the MOD, I have received the welcome news today that another local man, Edward Idris Evans, of Kidwelly, has been accepted for commemoration by the CWGC. Please see the Uncommemorated Men page of the website for further details.

7 February 2014. After a long battle, Gunner Robert Corfield, of Aberystwyth, has finally been accepted for commemoration by the CWGC. Please see the Uncommemorated Local Men page of the website for further details.

27 January 2014. Finally the work on uploading photographs onto the Carmarthenshire section has been completed. The only problem I’ve found is that there is a maximum number of ‘elements’ which can be loaded onto each page, which necessitates the spreading of some of the larger memorials over several pages, which isn’t ideal. The Llanelli pages have so many men on that I can’t load all of my photos on. As a result I have had to make do with just the portrait shots that I have, and have left the photos of the memorials and headstones off the Llanelli WW1 pages.

13 January 2014. A new section has been added to the tabs on the top banner of the website, entitled Local Gallantry Awards. All of the gallantry winners from the three counties will be commemorated in this section, and so far I have added the Boer War, Victoria Cross winners, and WW1 gallantry award winners to the site. More will be added as time allows, and the WW2 awards will also follow in time.

19 September 2013. I have just received confirmation from the CWGC that they had wrongly displayed the date of death for Skipper W F Reid, of Milford, and are amending their records to suit, following evidence sent in by myself. He was shown as having died in 1940, while he actually died in 1946. Please see the Milford Haven WW2 page for more details about him.

5 September 2013. At last there is some good news regarding the hundreds of cases of un-commemorated servicemen that have been piling up on a desk with the MOD. Today it has been announced that the MOD have come to an agreement with the National Army Museum for the NAM to approve the outstanding cases on behalf of the army. Within the total of around 450 outstanding cases, are eighteen cases of men from West Wales which have submitted by the WWWMP. It looks as if the two pronged campaign by the In From the Cold Project and the WWWMP has paid off at last, and it will be nice to see these men finally accepted as casualties of war.


20 August 2013. I have been working with the CWGC for several weeks regarding the incorrect commemoration of Lieutenant Henry Thompson White, a Carmarthen officer who was killed on the Somme on 8 September 1916. Since the 1920's, Henry has been recorded on the Jerusalem Memorial, Israel, which is the incorrect location. He should have been recorded with the other Welsh Regiment Somme casualties on the Thiepval Memorial, but for one reason or another this mistake occurred. The CWGC have today confirmed that my evidence was correct, and because the Thiepval Memorial is full, Henry will be commemorated on the new France 1914-1918 memorial which is currently being planned.

8 August 2013. After puzzling for some time why Private Thomas Jones, of Talybont, a member of the 15th Welsh, was shown by the CWGC as having been killed on 1 July 1916, I purchased his death certificate to find that he had been killed on 11 July at Mametz Wood. This has been sent to the CWGC and the date has recently been amended by them. (Sadly too late for me, as I had written him into Carmarthen Pals as being the battalions first Somme casualty, which I now know to be incorrect!)


6 August 2013. This new website has been launched which incorporates all of the material already published on my three previous sites.

These websites have now been taken offline, as all of the written material has been transferred over.

Presently the majority of the photos of the men and their war graves or memorials have not been added to the site. I am looking into the possibility of photo galleries, but will keep any changes posted here.

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